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  1. What is this site?
  2. How do I use the site?
  3. What is my profile?
  4. How do I search for Musicians?
  5. How can I use the bulletin board?
  6. What is an Audition?
  7. How do I use Audition?
  8. Is this site free?
  9. Why do I need to Log in?

What is this Site?

This is a site dedicated to bringing local musicians together. Originating in Austin TX, the site was built by a fellow musician who like you is passionate about music and musicians. The site is ever growing, both in its list of musicians and features and you are welcome and encouraged to give your suggestions on how to improve this site. 

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How do I use the site?

The site is made up of several different sections, including:

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What is my profile?

Your profile describes a number of searchable attributes about your musical style and what you are looking for in fellow musicians. Once you have defined your profile, you are included in the variou search engine results. The profile allows you to define the basics like the instrument(s) you play, the genre of music you prefer, how often you want to play and your proficiency. Additionally, you can enter a long list of additional keywords that help describe you to others. In the keywords section you can enter additional instruments you play, different genres or even specific songs or styles. All of the keywords you enter into this section will become searchable to other members. The more information you give about yourself, the easier it will be for someone to find you.
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How do I search for Musicians?

Once you have set up your profile, you can search for other musicians that have similar musical interests as yourself and you be able to contact them by email or by phone. The search engine is very flexible and will allow you to be very specific with your search. Some examples you may want to perform are:

"Blues Drums" - This will find all musicians that have identified themselves as drummers and have chosen blues as one of the genre styles. 

"Hard Rock" - This search will return those musicians who identified themselves as "Hard" rockers in the keywords section and "Rock" in the genre section.

"Seger" - In this case, any musicians that have included Seger in their keywords section will be found.

"Pink Floyd" -  this ones obvious.

Get creative with your searches and look at  other profiles for some ideas about how to list yourself. Remember, anything you put into your keywords section in addition to your profile information will be found using the search feature.

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How can I use the bulletin board?

The bulletin board is intended to give you a forum to discuss topics with fellow musicians. The bulletin board allows you to post messages that are accessible to all members. They in turn can post a comment to your original message. The bulletin board is a great place to announce events and gatherings, make comments about fellow musicians (positive ones of course) and just about anything you want to discuss as long as it is within the spirit of this site. Please refrain from inappropriate language or offensive comments - we are all friends here!

The concept behind the bulletin board is that users post messages about one of the defined topics along with a subject line and other users can then leave comments relating to the posted comment. All users can leave original messages and can repsond to other's messages with comments.

Please let me know if you have suggestions for addtional topics. You can make your suggestion by clicking  here.  

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Is this site free?

This site is free, you can set up your profile and do as many searches as you want. The success of this site will depend on you it's users. Please tell all of your musically inclined friends to join the site.

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What is an Audition?

Members produce a sample of their work and post it to the site. Other members download the mp3 file and add their own track(s) and send the combined mp3 track to the original poster. The original poster then gets to choose to upload the new version as a new or replacement audition or contact the musician for a face-to-face session. Audition isnít going to produce your next CD and itís not going to replace the thrill of being there live in the room. But, it is a cool way for you to decide if you want to pack up your gear and make the trek. Also a great way to build or fill a band!   

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How to use Audition?

The best way to produce the original audition is to cut the recording without the instrument(s) youíre looking for. This will allow the other musicians to fill the recording. Or you could start an audition with a single instrument and let others contribute. Itís wide open.  The audition files must be mp3 files that can be produced by a variety of desktop audio applications. The cleaner the original track, the better the results. If you donít have desktop software, you can get an open source and free version of audacity at http://audacity.sourceforge.net. It will allow you to produce your original audition track and add tracks to existing work (nice tool Ė thank you to the folks at www.sourceforge.net If you go this route, you will also need to download the LAME mp3 encoder also free at http://audacity.sourceforge.net/help/faq?s=install&i=lame-mp3.

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Why do I need to log in?

A User ID and password is assigned to you in order to keep the membership manageable. The intent of the site is not quantity but quality. By requiring a login and a profile, users make a commitment as a member. Although no one is excluded from the site, careful steps will be taken to keep the site homogenous to its members and the local culture.

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